Charles Sanders Peirce was one of the world's most profound and original thinkers. This two-volume chronological edition makes available a comprehensive selection of his most seminal philosophical writings. All the texts included are classics that will continue to influence the way philosophers think for centuries to come.

Work on this edition began in 1991 when Nathan Houser and Christian Kloesel agreed to prepare a two-volume collection of Peirce's philosophical volumes suitable for university seminars. Houser and Kloesel completed Volume 1 in 1992 and made a preliminary selection for Volume 2, but were unable to carry that work through to completion. In January 1997, the Peirce Edition Project agreed to finish the selection and to undertake the editing for Volume 2. It appeared in the spring of 1998. Royalties for both volumes have been assigned to the Peirce Edition Project.

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